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Eat shit

2014-08-09 20:55:52 by RetardedNINJA666

Fuck all you pussies RetardedNINJA666 is here to stay.


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2014-08-09 22:30:07

You tell 'em, buddy! <3

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

Except peanutfoot, you're a good guy.


2014-08-10 00:09:50

Man, asshole

RetardedNINJA666 responds:

I'd do anything for a man asshole.


2014-08-11 07:07:06

Preach it brother!


2014-08-12 21:17:19

I'll fuck your boypussy and eat the shit out of your asshole.

I'll stuff you up my dickhole and turn you into cum. Then I'll rape some Chinese woman, force her to keep the baby, give birth to you, and name you my bitch.

Now get on the ground and fuck my cunt.


2015-03-03 18:17:28

Your an asshole face, you are a retarded shit fucking fucker not eat some dick you shit